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Yida Express Elevator: Added Elevators to Make City Life Better
07-09 2019

Recently, the residents living in Xinghong Garden Community in Nanjing are very happy. The first elevator in the community that everyone is looking forward to is finally installed. Now residents of the community can take the Yida Express Elevator to go upstairs and downstairs conveniently!

Nanjing Xinghong Garden  Community has been built for 19 years, with six floors of small and high-rise buildings as the main part. There are more elderly people in the district. The residents' demand for added elevators is increasingly urgent.

In addition to ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation and other issues, another major challenge is to coordinate the residents' problems, especially the contradictions between residents living in the high and low floors. For this reason, Yida Express Elevator actively improves the residence scheme of added elevators, and actively participates in communication among residents, so as to make residents more reassured and feel at ease. 

Adding ladders to old buildings in Xinghong Garden Community, Nanjing

The steel structureshafts sprang up and sparkled in the sunshine, which renewed the "youth" of the old building. The residents living in the building can finally enjoy the comfort and convenience of the "elevator building".

China has gradually entered an aging population society. Home-based pension is still one of the main ways of providing for the aged. Old people and disabled people living in multi-storey houses without elevators are very difficult to go upstairs and downstairs, which brings many inconveniences to their lives. Adding elevators to old buildings has gradually become an urgent need of urban residents. This time, Yida Express Elevator successfully contributed to the project of adding elevators to the old building, which provided a good start for enterprises to open up the market of adding elevators to the old building in Nanjing.

As an elevator enterprise with a history of more than 20 years, Yida Express Elevator pays close attention to the market dynamics and policies of adding elevators to old buildings, and actively develops targeted product solutions to meet the needs of adding elevators to old buildings. 

Effective Drawing of Adding elevators to Old Buildings

Due to the diversity of buildings and the consideration of safety corridor and fire fighting corridor, the suitable installation schemes are also different. Through the analysis of the structure of various old residential buildings, Yida Express Elevator provides various installation schemes for the old buildings, such as through platform, side platform and double-ear platform, solving the layout problem of adding elevators to different building types of buildings.

There are many difficulties in the installation of adding elevators to old buildings. In addition to the diversity of buildings, some residents are hesitant about the difficulties in the construction of elevator shaft and the excessive noise. EKW50/55 series of machine room less elevators, which have been studied intensively, are strictly abide by GB7588-2003 standard and the first amendment order. They conform to the latest European standard and have obtained CE certificate. The products have obtained "A" green grade certificate approved by energy consumption standard VDI4707, whether in terms of saving building space or in terms of safety, reliability, comfort, environmental protection, quality and performance, there has been a new breakthrough. It has the technical advantages of low overhead, shallow pit and smaller shaft, so that in the process of installation, the elevator does not need to dig down too much deep shaft and destroy the original underground pipeline network equipment. At the same time, the integrated modular design concept and component modular construction make the construction and installation more convenient, shorten the operation time on site, and greatly reduce the impact on the lives of residents. 

Provincial Industrial New Product Appraisal Meeting for Adding Elevators to Old Buildings

In November 2018, Yida Express Elevator Co., Ltd. undertook the Zhejiang Provincial Industrial New Product Development Project "Adding Elevators to Old Buildings with Modular Installation of Steel Structures shafts" which was successfully identified as a provincial industrial new product by Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission. 

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